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Hi, i'm Dr. Glenn birnbaum

  • Board-certified emergency physician
  • Emergency medicine expert witness
  • Expert witness trainer
  • Healthcare startup & business advisor

LAWYERS ..... I help you litigate medical malpractice and personal injury cases by providing clear, common sense opinions as an emergency medicine expert witness.

ASPIRING EXPERTS ..... I teach you how to be a successful, ethical expert witness. Make a

great income and

become a better doctor at the same time.

HEALTHCARE ENTREPRENEURS ..... I help you make the essential connections between healthcare and business you must have to

grow your healthcare business.

How I Help You.....


  • Extensive clinical & medical witness expert experience
  • Deliver clear, consistent, well-supported opinions
  • Explain complex medical concepts clearly
  • Sincere, professional demeanor
  • Attention to detail
  • Provide direct answers to case issues
  • Return messages same or next day

Aspiring Medical Experts

  • Online education & student support community
  • Short, high-value teaching of the essentials to become a medical expert
  • My personal support and attention throughout the course
  • Don't just learn, put learning directly into action with my extensive checklists & worksheets
  • Get your first case during the course

Healthcare Entrepreneurs

  • Explain complex medical concepts clearly
  • Ongoing advice & support from the medical perspective
  • Subject matter expertise: general medical, marketing, strategy, hospital and medical group operations
  • Provide the medical public face to your customers & stakeholders
  • Fast, secure communications options

A Few of My Satisified Clients.....

My Diverse Expertise.....

Experienced Medical Expert

  • 50 - 100 cases reviewed
  • Retained by both plaintiff & defense
  • Expert in matters in state courts nationwide
  • Expert in matters in federal court
  • Frequent testimony at deposition or trial

Physician Educator

  • 33 years clinical practice in varied facilities
  • Residency curriculum development & teaching
  • Supervised and trained medical students, residents, PAs, NPs
  • Teaching physicians how to become successful medical experts

Varied Healthcare Consulting

  • Healthcare technology startups
  • Pharmaceutical marketing
  • Medical device development & strategy
  • Health information startups
  • Healthcare operations & quality review

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Aspiring Medical Experts

Healthcare Entrepreneurs

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